Founder & Lead Trainer

Tataya’s approach to life embodies deep curiosity and insightful compassion. As the founder, Master Facilitator, and Lead Trainer of Prisma Leadership, she fosters an environment of connection, growth, and navigation of the beautiful complexities of life and leadership in entirely new ways.

In addition to holding a law degree, multiple yoga certifications, and being a parent of three teenagers, Tataya is an Integral Coaching Canada Certified Master Coach. She has two decades of experience in facilitation practices in Integral Coaching, Circling, Yoga, and Avalon and has led retreats and training experiences worldwide. This rich adventure in relational embodied practices led her to develop the Prisma Leadership method.

With integrity and devotion to connection, Tataya leads from an embodied place of strength, as both a leader and a participant, where she sets the tone for how the practice will unfold and also allows herself to experience vulnerability, presence, sadness, anger, love, joy, and silliness with the participants. One of Tataya’s many gifts is her ability to see and touch places in others in a way that invites those unseen parts into the world. She creates a safe environment that honors all facets of the individual and the collective that desire to be seen. She nurtures experiences that generate a new imprint of what leadership can look like in the world.

In addition to the Prisma Leadership retreats, Tataya offers individual coaching to help you meet life, business, and family in more effective, confident, and skillful ways using the power of embodied presence to lead.

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“Tataya is Magic, and she helps you connect with your magic as well. If you want to meet life as your full, best self, she’s an amazing coach. She is both sensitive, intuitive, and fiercely supportive in you finding and using your power.”
Walter Roth
Founder, Moment Sales
“Tataya brings enthusiasm and humility that I don't often find in a lot of transformational leaders. She continues to center the experience back on the participants and on the practice that they're doing, rather than having it center back on herself or her insights. I find that refreshing and inspiring, as I can find my own sense of leadership from the inside out rather than looking to her as a leader.”
Michael Porcelli
Consultant and Facilitator, MetaRelating
“I've done a fair amount of transformational work, I have had coaches, I have been a coach myself, I have attended the occasional workshop. I have explored things like leadership and thinking out of the box, emotional intelligence, and embodiment work. This is the only place that I have found that I can meet the tenderest, most precious, darkest, deepest, highest, brightest, biggest pieces of myself.”
Molly Strong
Co-Founder, Meet your Magic
“She is clear, direct, and spot-on in her seeing and witnessing. Unwavering in her commitment to your growth.”
Steve Dewart
Executive Coach/Strategist/Healer/Visionary
“She holds an empty space for potential to emerge.”
Elana Meta
CEO- Wild Vessel & META Method
"I  was astonished by the level of competency from the team, as well as the level of impact I walked away with. I was able to release long-standing traumatic imprints held in my system that other modalities simply could not touch. I have a greater attainment with my emotions, my needs, and an ability to navigate a range of experience that came online through this work."
John Delgado
Massage Therapist
"This woman will go all the way to the heart of her own work and meet others in the heart of their deep work."
Kelly Larson
CEO at Aquarian Space & Founder at Center for Yoga Medicine
"Tataya has a gift in being able to understand and facilitate and bring people together in a way that allows this magical experience to happen. Her ability to not just be the leader, but also be the participant and help set the tone for what's happening and how an event is going to happen, how a practice is going to unfold, and willingness to take input from others and continue improving how everything works make it an amazing experience. It makes her an amazing leader."
Michael Schroll
Startups investor & happily retired human
"I found her to be vulnerable, found her to be brave, she really embodies the work, she's someone who doesn't just lead by talking, she leads by example and she goes into work and she plays and she meets. And she really exemplifies what this meeting process is all about. So I found that to be very inspiring to witness her in action. I want a leader who lives up to what they say, who lives into the practices, not just speaks about it. And I found her embodiment ridiculous."
Guy Guri
Transformational Life Coach & Doctor of Pharmacy