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Hero's Journey”

The next PRISMA Workshop is happening
August 2-6th, 2023 in Boulder, CO
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Prisma is built around a unique somatic psychotechnology – The PRISMA Meeting, it is a non-verbal embodied process that is done in pairs. This practice affords present moment awareness, embodiment, and both personal congruence, and relational coherence with another. What we continually witness is the illumination of the unconscious in the form of the resolution of trauma, interaction with archetypal themes, and powerful catharsis and a multitude of meaningful expressions and interpretations.

The process is voluntary and designed to give participants the opportunity to choose to surrender to the emergent process of somatic intelligence. This cultivates deep intimacy and love in the form of embodied non-verbal mutual disclosure.

The non-verbal nature of our psychotechnology is crucial, because it allows the participants to pierce through the layers of culture, world views, personal knowledge and narratives, and go straight to the edges of the known self like a heat seeking missile. This generates a deep capacity for perspectival reframing/transframing and discovery/rediscovery of alternative participatory modes, cascades of insight, personal transformation and ultimately affording the realization of greater potential.

The Prisma workshop as a whole is designed to increase in a 5-day experience, the emergence of co-created collective intelligence.

To truly experience what it is to be alive, is to see, feel, taste, and express the full spectrum of the prism. We are here to explore and know ourselves in each dimension of the prism: to grow, trust, heal and rise as humans and leaders.

Deeper emotional embodiment

Prisma is a journey into a full soul workout to expand your humanity and the aliveness of your mind, body, emotions, and energy.

Heal your freedom and creativity.

Complete, empower, and restore parts of yourself to feel all the way alive.
Say Hello to Your Patterns
How do you react when faced with a new or old relationship, a collaboration, a conflict? What defense mechanisms – visible and invisible - are getting in the way? A challenge to being present is reacting with ingrained patterns from family dynamics, childhood, or any unresolved emotional experience. At times, our consciousness treats the current experience the same way it treated the ones in the past. The Prisma experience is intentionally designed to provoke these patterns, meet them, and rework the patterns to enable you to expand your capacity, flexibility, and creativity.
Why co-create what’s not working?
Understand the role you play in creating your life experiences. See your own bullshit. Learn where your unique life force has been trapped and no longer working in your favor.
Rewrite Your Story
In the Prisma process, you become the author of your own story. Your presence and receptivity increase to design and integrate new ways of being, acting, and engaging, fostering curiosity and creativity with the world around you. Your partnerships deepen and become more meaningful. You welcome the opportunities right in front of you.
Show Up
The Prisma experience is a somatic and kinesthetic real-time exploration and discovery of ourselves. We place intense focus on the spontaneous and dynamic movement of all the things that show up in our bodies when we show up to do the work.
Dive In
Prisma is, first and foremost, an experiential and participatory learning experience. The course stimulates your emotions and physical reactions to those emotions and guides you to work with your experience in the moment. Your body unconsciously unravels old ways of being and imprints new ones.
You learn to recognize the emotional imprint in the body so that you can stay alive to the infinite details of the moment. You level up your capacity to respond to each moment in alignment with your values.
Prisma helps you expand your adaptability, cut through challenges, and respond with presence to the complexities of life. Navigating life becomes an art form, a dance, an orchestra of creative self-expression filled with love, compassion, and joy.

Develop embodied, intuitive knowing and learning.

It’s one thing to “know” something; it’s another to live and breathe it.

Become more alive, inspired. Experience an energized flow.

Reconnect to your life force and tap into your full potential.
Get Traction
Where do you want to go? Who do you want to be? This new way of being enables you to blossom into what you always knew was possible. You say “Yes” to your life moment by moment.
Prisma enables you to take your intention, action, desire, energy, and truth into what you are trying to manifest and create in your life. It returns tenfold.
Be Alive
When we remember the depth of being human, we experience the beauty all around us and in the human condition. Awe is real. It’s alive in you and in the experiences you create and share with others. The heart of the Prisma journey is staying present to the human experience, which inspires us all to be more extraordinary beings on this planet.

Uplevel your relationship with yourself and others

Meet life, business, and family in more effective, confident, and skillful ways using the power of presence to lead.

Uplevel yourself with intentional becoming.

Say yes to sensation and surrender.
Feel your way
The Prisma process will take you on a journey to taste, touch, and feel new spaces and possibilities so that you can remove obstacles, achieve results, and lead with care.
Deepen your baseline by trusting and relaxing into your natural intuitive capacity. This is your birthright. Meet the demands of your consciousness and tap into the power of embodied presence.
As you become more present and embodied, the more you can stand in your most authentic power and rise to every challenge and opportunity. Access the genius of your intuition with ease.
Lean into Your Edge
You develop new neural and somatic pathways to trust your edge to help you grow instead of repeatedly collapsing internally to defend your status quo.
The more you tap into the power of embodied presence, the more effectively you can adapt to changing times and remain in alignment with your values.
You are more emotionally centered. You consciously choose how to respond to others in trigger-free ways. You stay open, curious, and creative amidst intense interpersonal conflicts and tensions to create space for connection and partnership.
Expand & Contract
Your relationships are the heart of your life. When they are connected and joyful, the life force flows. When relationships are frustrating and superficial, life force contracts.
Where You Flow, You Grow
The more you increase your presence and capacity with others, the more you can hear what is being communicated, allowing you to meet others where they are. As a result, you are present to your own experiences and desires and effortlessly honor and represent yourself to others.
Win-Win Solutions
When you honor your integrity and personal agency and honor the same in others, you create a “WE” integrity that supports both parties in thriving.
The We Space
Do you care for and take pleasure from the dance of a relationship? When you do, the space deepens into WE-ving the fabric of partnership. Prisma offers multiple direct imprints to witness others in a dynamic unfolding of synergy and connection.

Honor and find synergy with others.

Synergy, synchronicity, spontaneity are the heartbeat of relationships.

Lead through visionary teamwork

Partner with fellow visionaries and step into your leadership.
Raise the Vibration
When you hold the power of embodied presence, you communicate your goals with congruence and authenticity. Your vision and clarity of intention inspire others to join you on the path.
The New Leader
In a state of flow, you understand others more deeply and build momentum and influence to align with the best partners for your goals. You grow in your confidence as a leader, avoid burnout, and have a lot more fun.
The Mirror
Gain insightful feedback about how others experience you. See yourself reflected through a wide range of perspectives, all in service of your growth.

Empowered as the author of your life

Step out of your life and into yourself with consciousness and courage.

Presence, both conscious and courageous.

The most powerful thing you can be in life is present to the reality around you.
Face Your Fears
In each moment, you face challenges and opportunities. Are you caught in your head in the swirls of self-doubt or needing to prove yourself? Are you thinking about something else or projecting past failures or fears onto the current situation? Take a risk and be willing to let go of these narratives.
Press Pause
By being present with what is happening right now, you can interact with it. You gain spaciousness by being with reality, using real-time data to work with reality and shape it more towards what you value.
The Process
In the Prisma container, you become present to two realities – the one inside and the one outside your experiences. Your innate intelligence responds creatively to see the patterns and choices available for you to impact the situation positively. You learn to choose to override old habits and move forward with grace.
The Prisma experience creates a practice space to foster awareness and make choices in conscious and courageous ways through real-time interactions with other participants. You expand your capacity to rise above, discover your highest self, and dance with others in a shared reality of humanity.
Trigger Happy
We all have habitual defense mechanisms and reactions triggered in daily interactions that cloud our awareness and reduce our courage.
Clear the Noise
Prisma guides you through experiences that clear the chatter in your system by resolving historical wounds and traumas so that you can free the clouds from your consciousness. The clearer you are, the more rational and in touch with your emotions and intuition you become. This helps drive your experience in the direction you desire.
You recognize and resolve problems that used to get in your way. You transform stumbling blocks into stepping stones.
Free Your Mind
You free your attention to focus on your values and purpose so that you can bring clarity to the direction of your life. Prisma shifts you into ways of being that represent your best insights and inspire you to take actions that deliver results.

Clear thinking through rational intuition.

The most significant obstacle we face to “be present” is our historical emotional habits.

Freedom and Power to be in your authentic genius.

The more presence and rational intuition you bring to the moment, the more you can release your genius.
Reality Check
You become increasingly aware of your real-time emotions and sensations to identify what takes you out of the present.
Knowledge is Power
Define and align the depth of your vision and beauty of your purpose so that you can do the things that are yours to do.
Grow Up & Out
Move beyond responding to resolve tension in a relationship and lean in to grow yourself in the process and build deeper partnerships with others.
Refine & Shine
Practice and become the expert at expressing yourself. Shine.
Blow Your Mind
Connect to your innate genius, wisdom, and values and experience beauty from within.
Open Your Heart
Your heart is a muscle. Exercise it like you would any other body part. You are living, breathing love, and you are loved—shimmer in the fullness of yourself.
“I descended into a dark cave and found some part of my power that I usually don't embrace and found a way to embrace it. And it felt really thrilling. Actually, it felt really playful and fun and empowering, and it just feels like some part of myself got restored.”
Deep Healing
Michael Porcelli
Consultant and Facilitator, MetaRelating
“Tataya’s leadership is both gentle when needed and strong when appropriate. She leaves us a lot of room to explore our own leadership yet guides us as needed to keep the experience moving in a direction that benefits the group.”
About Tataya's Leadership
Stefan Grafstein
Founder & Lead Coach, Live Ignited, LLC
“I didn't realize that my whole life I was mostly acting as a narrator of my life. And on the other side of the live gathering, I had suddenly become the lead character of my life.”
Empowered  as the Author of your Life
Jana Ravenheart
Co-Founder, Meet your Magic
“Tataya's a healer when it comes to embodying the energy of emotion and things that are trapped in a person. And she doesn't drop you. She keeps with you, and she teaches you in a very fundamental way how to access life force and how to make a difference in yourself, and to also hold space for another.”
About Tataya
Lydia Eskildsen
Massage Therapist at Satori Wellness & Bodywork
"The ROI is immeasurable and the gifts just keep on giving. This is an up-levelling in every way... you would be mad to miss this opportunity! Dream up your ultimate Leadership program, multiply the benefits by a very large number, and you still don't come close to the rewards of this experience."
Uplevel your Leadership
Pete Longworth
Elevating Professional Speakers & Authors
"Doing transformational “work” with a group of committed human beings over the course of a year is one thing. Going super deep into the human experience with the tools that Tataya brings along with a highly curated group, well, is beyond words."
Uplevel your relationship with others
James Sol Radina
Founder BioCBD, Founder Wild Men
"The PRISMA experience is an opportunity to feel who you are as a sovereign individual-being to feel what it feels like to be fully human. I would say for leaders who are interested in joining that, the PRISMA experience really helps you elevate your energetic capacity so that you can show up and lead from a place of really deep presence"
More Presence
Stephanie Redlener
Founder - Lioness
"I find that the Prisma experience is continually surprising. It's also continually challenging. for me is one of the reasons that I want to come back and I find so much value in it. I know in my life when I feel that thing that I don't really want to do and I lean into it, That's where all the magic happens."
Each round takes you deeper
Christopher Breedlove
Director of Civic Activation at Burning Man Project
"One of my biggest take-away was to know that what meets the eye & ears is often not what is happening in the inside."
Uplevel My self
Jess Magic
Founder, Creatrix and Chief Listening Officer at Free Your Voice