Meet life.
Some time ago, you answered the call of leadership. You’ve played the role of leader as an older sibling, an entrepreneur, a parent, a c-suite executive, an advisor, a volunteer, a friend.

Your expression as a leader has evolved. You invest in yourself and do the work. When you make mistakes, you learn. When you fall, you rise again. When you show up, you grow. And you know this is not a solo mission. You recognize that truly knowing another reveals more of who you are.

Each of us is both a prism and a light. As we step into present connection with another, their light shines through us, through our prism, allowing us to see, feel or express a part of ourselves that we may not yet know. In the same breath, the other feels the impact of our light shining through their prism.

To truly experience what it is to be alive, is to see, feel, taste and express the full spectrum of the prism. We are here to explore and know ourselves in each dimension of the prism: to grow, trust, forgive and rise as leaders.

The Prisma Leadership Experience is a thoughtfully curated group of leaders, each committed to doing their part to create a container where...

You are seen fully and witnessed with compassion as you to receive reflections of your gifts and shadows to further your growth.
We stay in connection - especially when it's difficult. We become aware of the impulse to run away or to move away and still, we make the choice to stay in.
We learn to trust the collective intelligence that arises from the group experience.
We walk to the edge, stand in the unknown and discover new aspects of ourselves and others.
All of you is welcome.  Here, you have the space to bring anything and explore the tender space of the things you can’t bring in your daily life or don’t dare to.
"Participating in Prisma has been the most profound, transformative growth experience I've ever encountered. I could not give it a higher recommendation for anyone seriously committed to their development and evolution."

Meet Tataya

Tataya’s relentless devotion to being a responsible and compassionate leader for her family and community led her to develop the leadership methods she teaches today.

Her leadership journey began with earning her law degree in Venezuela.  Her practice of law was accompanied by a yoga practice that enabled her to see she needed a new medium that would allow her to make the impact she felt called to make. Courageously, she answered that call by leaving her legal career and pursuing her yoga certification. In her fifteen years as a yoga instructor, she received certifications from the foundation of Pathanjala Yoga Kendra and Yoga World Reach, apprenticed with Anthony Bogart and worked nationally with R.R. Shakti, to name a few. She also founded and ran a yoga studio in Nebraska before moving to Hawaii where she designed and facilitated many intimate yoga experiences.

Tataya is an Integral Coaching Canada Certified Professional Coach. She has intimately studied Circling and Avalon techniques among other relational and meditative practices. She served as a core member of the Avalon team, facilitating retreats and trainings around the world.

Now, as the Founder, Lead Trainer and Master Facilitator of Prisma Leadership she continues her growth in connection with leaders who are committed to navigating the beautiful complexity of life and leadership in a new way.
"I highly recommend Tataya. She is incredibly masterful at connecting deeply with you, to reach in, far deeper than you even know is possible, to help you find what’s totally special about yourself in a way that you then make a part of how you move in this world."
Walter Roth
This is for you if...
you are longing to taste the full range of your capacity as a leader.
This is for you if...
you want to learn to wield your agency and power for the highest good of all, including yourself.
This is for you if...
you feel isolated as a leader and are looking for deep connection with other leaders.
This is for you if...
you are seeking more tools to navigate the complexity of your ever evolving expression of leadership.
This is for you if...
you want to contribute to and experience a trustable, high-caliber container for growth.
This is for you if...
you have gone deep in your own development and are ready to grow in connection with other leaders.


The Prisma Leadership Summit - A five-day experience designed to give you a taste of the year-long Prisma Leadership Experience. This is a thoughtfully-curated and intimate group experience where you will have the opportunity to explore your self-leadership and increase your leadership capacities through connection with others. With facilitators holding the space and nourishing meals provided, all you have to do is show up and meet the present moment.

Together in this trustable, high-caliber container we learn and unlearn as we explore new ways to lead ourselves and collaborate in the unknown rhythms of chaos and order that life brings us.
About the Prisma Leadership Experience - After attending the Summit you will be invited to participate in an upcoming Pod. A twelve-month Leadership Training Program consisting of 15 peers, 4 Assistant Facilitators, an apprentice Master Facilitator and Tataya. The Training Program has 3 four-month modules. Each module includes online training, synchronous group calls via Zoom and a five-day in-person gathering.
Dates for virtual calls & the live gathering**
*Orientation  - Three live zoom calls
Tuesday, July 27th (6:30 - 8:30pm MT)
Tuesday, August 3rd (6:30 - 8:30pm MT)
Thursday, August 5th (6:30 - 8:30pm MT)

*Live Gathering  - 5 Days
Sunday, August 8th - Out of town guests arrive in Boulder
Monday, August 9th (9am - 8pm MT)
Tuesday, August 10th (9am - 8pm MT)
Wednesday, August 11th (9am - 8pm MT)
Thursday, August 12th (9am - 8pm MT)
Friday, August 13th (9am - 8pm MT)

*Integration  - Three live zoom calls
Wednesday, August 18th (6:30 - 8:30pm MT)
Wednesday, August 25th (6:30 - 8:30pm MT)
Wednesday, September 1st (6:30 - 8:30pm MT)

The StarHouse, Boulder, Colorado
Co-Sponsored by All Seasons Chalice

Since 1990, people have been powerfully drawn to the StarHouse, often in magically synchronistic ways. Many describe a sense of being called here, of feeling home.Nestled in the foothills of Boulder, Colorado, the StarHouse resides on 70 acres of land as part of a larger ecosystem known as EarthStar. The StarHouse has been serving the local community and beyond for the past 30 years as a meeting place ~ a place for meeting others, for meeting oneself, and for meeting the elemental and celestial beings that exist in nature and the cosmos.The StarHouse and surrounding land is overseen by All Seasons Chalice (ASC), a non-profit tax-exempt organization incorporated in 1994.
$2550/person early bird, valid through June 30th
*must pay in full by June 30th to receive this discount
$2650/person after June 30th

$2750/person  if paid in four monthly installments ($687.50 per installment)*
*Auto payments July 15th, August 15th, September 15th, October 15th
Lodging is not included. We recommend staying in the Boulder area for sake of ease and will be setting up communication channels between participants so that they can coordinate their lodging arrangements if necessary.
Nourishing, healthy lunches, robust snacks and a variety of beverages are included in the price above. All dietary restrictions and needs are cared for and met. Participants bring their own breakfast items. Dinners are self-organized and not included. 
*Payment plans are available upon request.
"The ROI is immeasurable and the gifts just keep on giving. This is an up-levelling in every way... you would be mad to miss this opportunity! Dream up your ultimate Leadership program, multiply the benefits by a very large number, and you still don't come close to the rewards of this experience."
Pete Longworth
It's time to lead
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